Advanced Usage

Extra Attributes

There may be times when you are rendering an input component where you may have an unknown amount of attributes you need to pass to the component. The most common use case I have for it is when I'm building up an array of attributes for a component, and some attributes are conditional on what I send to the component.

The current blade syntax doesn't allow for using conditional logic like @if when you're rendering a blade component, so I've come up with a prop called extraAttributes on most of the components offered by this package. This will allow you to pass an array of attributes to the element, and the element will then render them onto the applicable element for you.

Here's an arbitrary example of how one could build up an array of attributes in a Livewire component, and then pass them to an input component.

public function getInputAttributesProperty(): array
    return array_filter([
        '@click' => "console.log('hi')",
        'data-name' => $this->name,
        'data-foo' => $this->name === 'foo' ? 'true' : null,
<x-input :extra-attributes="$this->inputAttributes" />
Overriding Classes
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