The Profile page is typically the starting page for the user profile in this plugin. By default, it will display a user's name and the date their account was created, along with a form to edit their name. This of course can be customized according to your application's requirements.

Here is a screenshot of what the base Profile page will look like:

base profile page

And here is the default edit form:

base profile edit form

For basic applications, the plugin's implementation may be enough. However, most applications will probably have a need to override the ProfileInfo component.

Let's say you need to show a user's timezone and allow them to edit it as well on their profile info. This can easily be accomplished by overriding the ProfileInfo component and swapping it out.

To accomplish this, the two main methods we need to override are the infolistSchema and formSchema methods. There are other methods that can be overridden, such as saveForm, but what we are going to show below should be sufficient in most cases.

namespace App\Livewire;

use Filament\Forms\Components\Select;
use Filament\Infolists\Components\TextEntry;
use Rawilk\ProfileFilament\Livewire\Profile\ProfileInfo;

class CustomProfileInfo extends ProfileInfo
    protected function infolistSchema(): array
        return [

    protected function formSchema(): array
        return [
                    // ...

Now, all you need to do is swap the component out in your panel's service provider:

use App\Livewire\CustomProfileInfo;
use Rawilk\ProfileFilament\Filament\Clusters\Profile\ProfileInfo as ProfileInfoPage;
use Rawilk\ProfileFilament\ProfileFilamentPlugin;
use Rawilk\ProfileFilament\Livewire\Profile\ProfileInfo;

            page: ProfileInfoPage::class,
            component: ProfileInfo::class,
            newComponent: CustomProfileInfo::class,

{tip} It's not necessary to extend the plugin's livewire component in this case; you are free to use a completely custom class if you want.

By default, our editAction will dispatch the \Rawilk\ProfileFilament\Events\Profile\ProfileInformationUpdated event, which you can listen for in your application if needed. The event will receive the authenticated user.

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