Store Laravel application settings in the database.




Settings for Laravel allows you to store your application's settings in the database. It works alongside of the built-in configuration system that Laravel offers. With this package, you can store application-specific settings that wouldn't make sense to store in a configuration file, or that you want end-users to be able to update through your application's UI.

The package also offers caching on a per-setting basis out of the box, so no unnecessary extra queries are performed once a setting has been retrieved. The caching works no matter which driver you choose to use. The package can also encrypt your settings automatically for you as well if you need to store sensitive data such as passwords for a third-party service you need to be able to use later.

To get and retrieve stored settings, you can do it easily with the Settings facade or by using the settings() helper function:

// Store
Settings::set('foo', 'bar');
settings()->set('foo', 'bar');
settings(['foo' => 'bar']);

// Retrieving
Settings::get('foo'); // 'bar

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