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Each printer object should be an implementation of Rawilk\Printing\Contracts\Printer. The printer has several properties on it that can be accessed via these methods:

Printer Id

Your print server will create a unique id for each printer you have on it. You can retrieve the id like this:


Printer Name

Each printer should also have a name, which can be retrieved like this:



Your print server should be able to return a listing of the printer's capabilities. You can retrieve an array of them via:



If your printer and print driver support it, you can get a listing of your printer's available trays for use later:


Printer status

Your print server should return a text representation of your printer's current status:


You can also check if the printer is online via:



If your printer has a description set on it, it can be retrieved via:



The printer object can also be cast to array or json, and it will return the following info:

  • id
  • name
  • description
  • online
  • status
  • trays
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