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Basic Usage


Most operations through this package can be done with the Printing facade.

Listing printers

You can retrieve all available printers on your print server like this:

$printers = Printing::printers();

foreach ($printers as $printer) {
    echo $printer->name();

No matter which driver you use, each $printer object will be be an instance of Rawilk\Printing\Contracts\Printer. More info on the printer object here.

Finding a printer

You can find a specific printer if you know the printer's id:


Default printer

If you have a default printer id set in the config file, you can easily access the printer via the facade:

Printing::defaultPrinter(); // returns an instance of Rawilk\Printing\Contracts\Printer if the printer is found

// or for just the id

Creating a new print job

You can send jobs to a printer on your print server by creating a new print task:

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