The x-ripple directive is the main directive this package offers. It adds a ripple effect to any element with the directive applied to it. In most cases, this will be a button, but you are free to use it on any element.

<button type="button" x-data x-ripple>Click me</button>

This will result in a ripple effect when the button is clicked on. By default, the ripple effect will be white, but this can be changed globally or on a per-element basis.

{note} For the x-ripple directive to work, you must have the x-data directive applied to the element as well, or the element must be inside the scope of an x-data directive.

Certain aspects of the ripple effect can be customized for this package. Some options can be set globally via CSS, or on a per-element basis.

By default, the ripple color is white, which should work in most cases. However, if you want to change the color, you can do so with a color modifier.

<button x-data x-ripple.color.#000>Click me</button>

This will result in a black ripple effect when the button is clicked on. If you're using Tailwind, you may define a color class and use that instead.

<button x-data>Click me</button>

This will result in the ripple element getting the !bg-green-500 class added to it. ! is added to the class to specify that it is important, so it overrides any other styles. to prevent Tailwind from puring your color classes, you should be sure to add them to your safelist in your tailwind.config.js file if you're not using them anywhere else.

By default, the ripple radius is set to 9999px, but you may make it more or less to suit your needs. You can modify the radius with the radius modifier.

<button x-data x-ripple.radius.5rem>Click me</button>

This button will now have a radius of 5rem. Any valid CSS unit can be used. If one is omitted, we will assume a unit of %. If you want to use a decimal value, you may define it with an underscore, like this:

<button x-data x-ripple.radius.5_5%>Click me</button>

This will give the ripple a radius of 5.5%.

By default, the ripple duration is 600ms, but you may make it more or less to suit your needs, however the only way to do this is by setting it globally via CSS. See the Duration section for more information.

It is possible to chain multiple modifiers onto the x-ripple directive. Here is an example of changing the color to red, and the radius to 25%.

<button x-data x-ripple.color.#ff0000.radius.25%>Click me</button>
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