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If you are using the npm installation method for this package, you can use the Ripple.configure() method to set configuration options for the package. In the example below, we will show the configuration options you may set, separated out by directive.

import Ripple from "@wilkr/alpine-ripple";

         * x-ripple

        // Specify your own class(es) for the ripple element.
        class: "ripple",

        // Specify how long the ripple element should remain on the page
        // after the animation has finished.
        removeTimeout: 1000,

         * x-ripple-focus

        // Specify your own class(es) for the ripple focus element.
        focusClass: "ripple-focus",

        // Specify your own class(es) for the root element when it is focused.
        // The directive will use this class to determine when the element is focused.
        focusedClass: "ripple-focus-active",
Global Customization
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