A simple vue context menu component.




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{note} vue-context has been archived and is no longer maintained. Use caution when installing in your apps.

{note} I have abandoned this package since I no longer have the time or interest in maintaining it. If your project depends on vue-context, feel free to fork and maintain your own version of it, or consider using an alternative vue context menu package.

vue-context provides a simple yet flexible context menu for Vue. It is styled for the standard <ul> tag, but any menu template can be used. The menu is lightweight with its only dependency being vue-clickaway. The menu has some basic styles applied to it, but they can be easily overridden by your own styles.

The menu disappears when you expect by utilizing vue-clickaway and it also optionally disappears when clicked on.

vue-context screenshot

By default, the menu is set up to use a <ul> tag for the menu, which is given the attribute role="menu" automatically. The component will also automatically apply the attribute role="menuitem" to each menu item when the context menu is opened.

vue-context uses the MIT License (MIT). Please see the license file for more information.

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