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Installation & Setup


laravel-ups can be installed via composer:

composer require rawilk/laravel-ups


Publishing the config file

You may publish the config file like this:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rawilk\Ups\UpsServiceProvider" --tag="config"

This is the default content of config/ups.php:

return [
    | Credentials
    | Here are the credentials needed when making requests through the
    } the UPS api.
    'access_key' => env('UPS_ACCESS_KEY'),
    'user_id' => env('UPS_USER_ID'),
    'password' => env('UPS_PASSWORD'),
    'shipper_number' => env('UPS_SHIPPER_NUMBER'),
    'negotiated_rates' => env('UPS_NEGOTIATED_RATES', false),

    | Sandbox
    | Enabling "sandbox" mode instructs the package to send any api requests
    | to the customer integrated environment (testing environment) instead
    | of the production api, with the exception of the address validation
    | api.
    'sandbox' => env('UPS_SANDBOX', true),

    | Logging
    | Enable/Disable logging when requests are made and received
    | through the UPS api.
    'logging' => env('UPS_LOGGING', false),

Configuring the package

You will need to provide your UPS account credentials for this package to work. You can either enter your credentials in your .env file, or directly in the config file (not recommended).

At a minimum, you will need:

  • Account Access Key (UPS_ACCESS_KEY): Your account needs an api access key, which can be obtained here: https://www.ups.com/upsdeveloperkit/manageaccesskeys?loc=en_US
  • User ID (UPS_USER_ID): The username you use to login to your UPS account.
  • Password (UPS_PASSWORD): The password you use to login to your UPS account.
  • Shipper Number (UPS_SHIPPER_NUMBER): This is a 6 digit number assigned to you by UPS.

If your account has negotiated rates enabled for it, you can set UPS_NEGOTIATED_RATES to true.

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