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Custom Eloquent Model

Laravel Settings ships with an Eloquent model for Settings already, but you are free to use your own model. You can either extend the package's model, or create your own. The only requirement is that it implements the Rawilk\Settings\Contracts\Setting interface.

Here is what the interface looks like:

namespace Rawilk\Settings\Contracts;

interface Setting
    public static function getValue(string $key, $default = null);

    public static function has($key): bool;

    public static function removeSetting($key);

    public static function set(string $key, $value = null);

Once you have your custom model created, you need to define it in the eloquent driver in config/settings.php.

'drivers' => [
    'eloquent' => [
        'driver' => 'eloquent',
        'model' => YourCustomModel::class,
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