Direct printing for Laravel apps




{note} You're browsing the documentation for an old version of laravel-printing. Consider upgrading your project to v3. Check your version with the following command:

composer show rawilk/laravel-printing

Printing for Laravel allows your application to directly send PDF documents or raw text directly from a remote server to a printer on your local network. Receipts can also be printed by first generating the raw text via the Rawilk\Printing\Receipts\ReceiptPrinter class, and then sending the text as a raw print job via the Printing facade.

Here's a simple example of what you can do with this package:

$printJob = Printing::newPrintTask()

$printJob->id(); // the id number returned from the print server

Laravel Printing currently only supports one two drivers currently. More drivers may be added in the future.

This package is not affiliated with, maintained, authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Laravel or any of its affiliates.

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