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Laravel form components provides a simple way to render a select with timezones. This kind of input can be useful when you need to allow users to choose what timezone they are in. The timezone select extends the regular select component, so anything you can do with the normal select can be done with the timezone select.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage of the timezone select involves setting a name attribute:

<x-timezone-select name="timezone" />

Excluding Regions

You may not always want or need to show a list of every timezone region. You can specify a specific region or group or regions to be rendered either by using the timezone_subset config option, or the only prop for a per-case basis.

Via config:

'timezone_subset' => [\Rawilk\FormComponents\Support\TimeZoneRegion::AMERICA],

Via prop:

<x-timezone-select name="timezone" :only="['America']" />

With both methods, you can use a boolean value false to include every timezone region available.

Custom Select Support

As of version 1.4.0, the timezone select can be rendered either as a native select input, or by using the custom-select component. To use the custom-select component, simply pass in a true boolean value for the use-custom-select attribute on the timezone select.

<x-timezone-select use-custom-select />

By default, the timezone select uses the native select input, so you will explicitly tell it to use the custom-select component any time you render the timezone select component.

{note} If you want to render it as a custom-select, you need to ensure you have followed the installation steps for the custom-select component.

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