The textarea component offers an easy way to set up a textarea field for your forms. By simply setting its name attribute it also automatically defines your id and makes sure old values are respected.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage of the component exists by setting a name attribute:

<x-textarea name="about" />

By default a rows attribute will be set for the textarea field as well as an id that allows it to be easily referenced by a label element. Of course, you can overwrite all of these values as well:

<x-textarea name="about" id="about_me" rows="5" />

Old Values

The textarea component also supports old values that were set. For example, you might want to apply some validation in the backend and make sure the user doesn't lose their input data when you show the form again with the validation errors. Whe re-rendering the form, the textarea component will remember the old value:

<div class="form-text-container ...">
    <textarea name="about"
              class="form-input form-text ..." rows="3">About me text</textarea>

If you are using livewire, the textarea will allow livewire to set the value instead, however.


Since the textarea component extends the input component, you are able to do a lot of the same things you can with the input element, such as error handling and addons.

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