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The select component offers an easy way to provide select menus in your forms. By simply setting the name attribute it also automatically defines your id and makes sure old values are respected.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage of the component involves setting a name attribute:

<x-select name="state" />

Of course, the id attribute can easily be overridden:

<x-select name="state" id="state_id" />


There are multiple ways to provide options to the component. The primary way is to provide an array of options as key/value pairs. This will allow the select component to automatically determine which option should be selected (as long as you're not using wire:model) for you.

Via Attribute

<x-select name="state" :options="['al' => 'Alabama', 'wi' => 'Wisconsin']" />

Via Default Slot

Another way is to use the default slot on the component:

<x-select name="state">
    <option value="al">Alabama</option>
    <option value="wi">Wisconsin</option>

{note} When using the default slot, the select component will not be able to determine if the options in the slot are selected or not automatically for you.

Via The Append Slot

You can also use the append slot if you are passing in options via the options attribute, and it will add your slotted options after the passed in options:

<x-select name="state" :options="['ny' => 'New York']">
    <x-slot name="append">
        <option value="al">Alabama</option>
        <option value="wi">Wisconsin</option>

Combining Methods

You can also pass in options using multiple methods. For example, if you pass options in using the options attribute, and also via the default slot, your slotted options will be rendered before the passed in options:

<x-select name="state" :options="['ny' => 'New York']">
    <option value="al">Alabama</option>
    <option value="wi">Wisconsin</option>

Multiple Select

You can easily create a multiple select by setting multiple to true:

<x-select name="state" :options="['al' => 'Alabama', 'wi' => 'Wisconsin']" multiple />


Since the select component extends the input component, you are able to do a lot of the same things you can with the input element, such as error handling and addons.

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