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Checkbox Group


The checkbox group allows you to quickly group related checkboxes or radio buttons together in your forms. This is not a replacement for the form-group component, and should be used inside of the form-group component in your forms.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage is like this:

    checkbox 1
    checkbox 2

Inline Groups

By default, the checkbox-group is designed to stack your checkboxes and radio inputs, but you can display them inline with each other, by setting the stacked attribute to false. This will display the checkboxes in rows of 3 columns.

<x-checkbox-group :stacked="false">
    checkbox 1
    checkbox 2

Inline Group Columns

By default, the checkbox-group renders checkboxes in rows with 3 columns when it is rendered inline. To render a different amount of columns, you can specify the grid-cols attribute:

<x-checkbox-group :stacked="false" grid-cols="5">
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