Upgrade Guide

A new before_actions key has been added to the config, along with a new BackupEnvAction. Add this to your published config if you are planning on running actions before the .env file is modified.

For more information, see: Before Actions

laravel-app-key-rotator now requires a PHP version of at least 8.0. Make sure your environment is running at least that version.

Laravel version 9.0 or higher is now required. Upgrade your Laravel installation to at least that version.

The way laravel-app-key-rotator discovers which attributes need to be re-encrypted on your models has now changed slightly. In the models array in the config, you should now only have a single dimensional array of your model classes that have encrypted properties on them. Each of these models must now implement the \Rawilk\AppKeyRotator\Contracts\ReEncryptsData interface and return an array of the model's encrypted properties from the encryptedProperties method.

For more information, see: Models

All custom actions now must inject the AppKeyRototor instance and the package config into the handle() method instead of the action's constructor.

namespace App\Actions\AppKeyRotator;

use Rawilk\AppKeyRotator\AppKeyRotator;
use Rawilk\AppKeyRotator\Contracts\RotatorAction;

class FileEncrypter implements RotatorAction
    public function handle(AppKeyRotator $appKeyRotator, array $config): void

For more information, see: Actions

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