Advanced Usage

Custom Classes

For more advanced customizations, you may subclass Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Breadcrumbs and/or Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Support\Generator, and then update the config/breadcrumbs.php file with the new class name.

'breadcrumbs_class' => \Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Breadcrumbs::class,

'generator_class' => \Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Support\Generator::class,

{note} Anything that's not part of the public API may change between releases, so I suggest you write unit tests to ensure it doesn't break when upgrading.

If you choose to use your own generator_class, your class must implement the Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Contracts\Generator contract. Here is what the contract looks like:

namespace Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Contracts;

use Illuminate\Support\Collection;

interface Generator
     * Generate the registered breadcrumbs.
     * @param array $callbacks The registered breadcrumb-generating closures
     * @param array $before Any registered "before" callbacks
     * @param string $name The name of the current route
     * @param array $params Any route parameters
     * @return \Illuminate\Support\Collection
     * @throws \Rawilk\Breadcrumbs\Exceptions\BreadcrumbsNotRegistered
    public function generate(array $callbacks, array $before, string $name, array $params): Collection;
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