{note} You're browsing the documentation for an old version of laravel-app-key-rotator. Consider upgrading your project to v3. Check your version with the following command:

composer show rawilk/laravel-app-key-rotator

If you have models that need to have data re-encrypted with the new app key, you can specify them in the models key in the config/app-key-rotator.php config file. Specify the model class, and then an array of fields that are encrypted in the database.

'models' => [
    \App\User::class => [
    \App\Student::class => [

To help with memory issues that could cause fatal errors in larger databases, the action that re-encrypts your models uses chunking to process your records in chunks. The default is 500, but you can change this to fit your needs in the config file.

Basic Usage
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